Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bansuri accuses Veera for spreading false rumours about Jagjeeet in Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera

Star Plus's popular drama Ek Veera Ki Ardaas Veera is going through an amazing track which has kept the viewers glued to their TV Screens. With Veera (Digangana Suryavanshi) and Karan (Ankit Bathla) coming to know the truth about Jagjeet and telling the same to Bansuri Ji one would have thought that the newly formed relationship would be broken, Jagjeet and his family would be exposed and Gunjan's life would be saved. 

Well that does not happen, even though Baldev (Vishal Vashishta) who overheard the entire conversation between Veera and Bansuri decides to take matters into his own hands because his sister's life was at stake, the words of his mother makes him thinks otherwise and he ends up tricking Veera and tying her in a stable so that she wouldn't ruin the function.

In the upcoming episodes Veera will be found by Ratan (Sneha Wagh) and the former will disclose the entire truth to her Beeji leaving her shocked. Ratan and Veera will waste no time and reach the Sarpanch's haveli to find out that Gunjan has left for the station with Jagjeet and his family.

When the disclose the truth to all Balwant will be shocked to the core as he and his daughter was duped and will be angry at Baldev that even after knowing the truth he kept quiet. However Bansuri will steps in to save Baldev and accuses Veera of aiming at Jagjeet without a proof.

This is when Karan steps in for Veera and confirms the truth. Karan's gesture will touch Veera's heart and if sources are to believed this will pave way for the first realization of love for Veera.

To know what happens next stay tuned and keep watching Star Plus Veera every Mon-Fri 10:30 PM (IST).

Edited By: Vijitha Rajan

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