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TellyTadka First Day First Show: Beintehaa !

Colors TV has once again come with another drama (Fiction), an unusual love-story with a Muslim Backdrop.  Beintehaa produced by Farhan Salaruddin’s Fortune Productions brings the story of two head-strong individuals Aaliya and Zain and how their life gets entangled as they get bounded by marriage.

The first episode opens with the male lead Zain essayed by Harshad Arora taking a call and jumping out of his bed on the word "SHAADI" (Marriage). He utters No-Nahi and jumps out of bed, gets ready and dashes out as if his life depended on it. The Parallel entry of Aaliya essayed by Preetika Rao shows gives a completely contrasting picture from the above though she is also seen to be in a hurry to reach somewhere. What's interesting is that the duo are not complete strangers ( Not Certain that either of them know the relation between them though)they have a common link which is Usmaan Saab which is a wonderful thing and definitely a change from the usual complete strangers scenario because even if the promo shows "HATRED" to be a key aspect between the two there is a line that the two cannot cross even if they wanted to because it's Family or atleast that's what it looks like. Whether or not Shabana is Usmaan Saab's real sister is yet to be seen.


The episode introduce us to both Aaliya and Zain's family but concentrates on Zain's family more. Usman Abdullah (Naved Aslam) Zain's father is a self-made, rich and well established man, he is the owner of a chain of 5 star hotels. In his interaction with his wife Suraiya (Suchitra Pillai), sister Shabana and Son Zain he comes across as a very modern yet traditional man. Another trait of Usmaan Saab that came forward is that he does not come across as a strict disciplinarian but one who knows how to handle the situation with maturity, perhaps life experiences is a huge contributing factor. He could have very well blasted at his elder son for the chaos created in the house by his two wives, he could have reprimanded Zain during their conversation because Zain lying blindly instead he tackles the situation in the best possible manner, he sweetly asks his son to come back home. 

Usmaan Saab seems to be worried alot about his Sons. His dialogue "Ek bete ne ghar mein, Kohram macha rakha hai, aur Dusre ne duniya mein" says a lot regarding his state of mind when it comes down to it's Sons. Also in the scene at the dining table with his wife he clearly expresses his displeasure against the decision making capacity of his elder son and also states that things can get messy when children are given the right to take a decision all by themselves. Was that a hint to show that he wouldn't let the same happen with his younger son Zain? 


Zain's entry sequence was smartly executed. The Helicopter Entry has been a tried and tested formula and if not done tastefully can become a subject of mockery. However Zain's entry does not fall into that category. He enters saying "NO, I have a Problem" jumps into the water and walks straight to the Wedding Arena- A Shot that was sleekly done. For the first time we have a drama which consciously opts for the Dostana formula. Zain poses as his friend's lover and makes sure that the wedding does not take place. As of now Zain comes across as a very carefree, cool guy. A certain amount of bitterness and seriousness will definitely be added to his personality as the show progresses but I certainly hope that he does does not join the Bandwagon of "ANGRY YOUNG MAN" which is all over the place.  

Aaliya essayed by Preetika Rao is shown as a very carefree, lively and modern girl. The scene that stood out when it came to Aaliya is one in which her presence was actually absent but her thought and action took precedence. It's the scene where Usmaan saab reads a letter sent by Aaliya that mentions a Sura (A chapter or section of the Koran) that her Mamu (Uncle) can read on a particular day to obtain peace and that she was going to pray for his well being. The scene emphasizes a lot on the character of Aaliya and she comes forward as one who is perhaps well versed in her religion and believes in traditions and culture. Plus Intelligent viewers who are watching the show and have no idea about the religion and the Holy book will definitely appreciate the kind of research that goes into making such scenes more authentic. Aaliya is seen stealthily leaving her house because she knows she would be asked to not leave especially when the Ladke Wale were coming to see her, but her Mamu's health and prayers for the same was what topped her list which point out that she is quite determined too. Her prayer at the Dargah and her conversation with her Mom in the precap shows that she has dreams when it comes to her life-partner and wants the Almighty Allah to send the best guy in the whole wide world for her.

One thing the makers have managed to establish right in the first episode is that both Aaliya and Zain love Usmaan Saab dearly and would do anything for his well-being and happiness.

In the first episode with the Leads Harshad and Preetika and their family members and lifestyles being introduced I thought there wouldn't be any scope to comment on the Chemistry between them (Coz it's the most important aspect especially when it's a Love Story) but the small interaction actually an eye-contact between the lead characters Zain and Aaliya spoke volumes regarding this new pair on the block.

The episode could have done without the horrible-sounding British people. Yes it was London it was quite needed considering the zone and the Christian Wedding taking place but when it came down to it the scene lacked originality. It looked forced and thus makes one wonder was it even needed?

 Harshad and Preetika looks and acts natural. They are confident in essaying their characters and also show promise. Even though Preetika is 2 Movies old (Both Commercial and Critical Successful) Beintehaa marks her Television Debut which makes her a new comer to this field (As TV Shows is a completely different ball game) .

This could be a very very very long shot but the show does have undertones of popular Pakistani Drama "Humsafar" something that can be vaguely felt throughout the episode but that is a topic we will reserve for later.

Final Verdict: 4 sTARS!!!!
The first episode of Beintehaan is beautifully made. The treatment is fresh & all in all its very lighthearted which is what I liked. The show definitely has a lot of potential and it would make for a good story if told properly. 

Author: Vijitha Rajan


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