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Shukk- Professionalism V/s Disturbed Married Lives!!

SHUKK  Professionalism V/s Disturbed Married Lives!!
It's a nerve-wrecking experience, just thinking about the first day at work and it is even unimaginable in the steps of Sania, who has only strived to be a filial daughter-in-law and wife of Ali's but only to be seen as an object left to rot in the nooks and corners of their little home while looking after an aged and impudent mother-in-law.However, thinking of contributing towards her family's income brought an immense sense of relief to her heart, as though she had just gotten the meaning of her life, as she toiled hard in the preparation of her interview.
Just a big news of her getting appointed so soon was too good to be true.Surely, there must have been a point of turbulence somewhere and it had arose, in the form of Etisham.She now had to work as his assistant at his company to work for his anticipated project, to promote smiles on each and every Pakistani with the product he was about to launch and he wanted a fresh candidate. All he did was merely look at her and he had a fixed impression about her.Sania was no less impatient to leave the job with a misconception that he wouldn't approve of her being kept as his assistant.
Both of them were at the helm of not being able to tolerate each other for even a moment, without even having a clear and open mind about what had happened between them, a personal grudge for Sania and a phase of annoyance and disrespect which Etisham thought the former had, based on the harsh tones she had utilized with him before.Things were not smooth for both of them nor will it be anytime soon if they were to work together.
However, things seemed to have a turn in the sweet, loving relationship of Etisham and Sehrish ever since her miscarriage. Etisham didn't look to bringing Sehrish home and Maham simply took the opportunity to trick Sehrish into believing staunchly of the possibility of Etisham having an affair with his ex-fiance, Sania, which was revealed to her in Episode #9.
Further revelations in Episode #9 included the gradual blooming of a healthy working relationship adopted by Etisham and Sania.The seeds of jealousy were sprouting in Sehrish's mind like a candle being lit and the fire emerging stronger, non-extinguishable.
Episode #10 made a crackling confrontation between Sehrish and Etisham, who was feeling miffed with the disturbing and irksome questions that she has had for him after he got back from work.Sania too felt awkward with the questions her neighbor-cum-friend shot at her in a row, making her feel far more remorseful.In return, she quickly turned in to her husband who had no qualms whatsoever when he got to know that she is Etisham's assistant.
Maham and Atif are pulling the strings in a flow and surely this couple seem to bring out the best in each other in a ill-natured manner, spewing jealousy and painting it all over Sehrish who doesn't realize the dead end she's getting herself into-a disturbing housewife bent on doubting her husband and suffocating him with her endless questions.
Will her questions quench her thirst for truth or bring an end to an amazing married life she shared with Etisham? Will Sania too bear the brunt and end up getting burnt along with Sehrish and Etisham?? To find out more, stay tuned to Shukk Episode 11 and more.

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