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Midst The Vortex Of Relationships


Shraddha was shocked to know that without even asking or informing her, her parents planned for a trip to Mysore. Amrit asked her if there is any problem, but obviously how can Shraddha tells her; when they are not even in a position to understand the love between her and Kunal. It’s true, that Kamini is an important person and one cannot ignore her. But if she is not in a position to understand the feelings of her own son, then what else can be expected from her.
  It is not wrong as a parent, to think about the future of their children; for their own benefits, but running away from a situation is not the solution. Love does not happen in a second or minute. It develops with the time and it grows.  Shraddha’s parents are not wrong because she had suffered a lot after marrying Bobby. But Kunal is Kittu's brother. How can they compare Kunal with Bobby of all people?! As there is a saying “aankho daikhi makkhi koi nahin nigalta”, unknowingly you can do anything.
  Shraddha was even more upset when Dhruv asked her about inviting Kunal to go with them. She had no answer. What would she say? She was in a dilemma. She never thought that the situation would change like that. Amrit told him that it is not possible, because he has work to do. Then Zorawar quickly diverted his mind by telling him about the places in Mysore. Dhruv never asked about his father since he had met Kunal. Kids are very clear in minds and very sensitive. They don’t think the way we older thinks. For them, life is simple and easy to live. They don’t make relations with anyone easily, but when they do, they always keep the relation special.
  Kittu and Shraddha were worried about how to tackle the situation and decided to call Kunal. But instead, Kunal called them. Kunal informed them how he has to go to meet his grandmother as she is sick. Kittu was puzzled and told him that her mother never said anything to her about Grandmother. Kunal realised what his mother was upto and figured what plans were cooking up in her head. Kamini only wanted to separate Shraddha and Kunal. Kittu informed him about Zorawar and Amrit's plan to take Shraddha to Mysore with them. Kunal said to Kittu that their love is not weak. It can’t be forgotten by staying away from each other; even after 10years! Yes love cannot be forgotten even after many years; if it is true, then it stays with the person for an entire lifetime. It can get buried under many layers of the heart with the time, but it never is wiped off from the heart.
  Kittu as the sweetest sister-in-law, showed her concern for Kunal and Shraddha, and promised Shraddha that she will get them married. She doesn't understand why everyone is just against the idea of Shraddha and Kunal's marriage. Kittu’s love and concern for Shraddha made her emotional, and she brimmed with tears of happiness; Kittu really cares about her. We haven’t seen many sister-in-laws relationships like that. But sister-in-laws like Kittu and Shraddha does exist and they do share a very special bonding. 
  I myself am a living example, and this is why this show is very special to me. It’s easy to break relation with anyone, but very difficult to maintain a good relation.
  Jaya was not happy with the idea that her in laws are taking only Shraddha and Dhruv with them. Jaya is one character that binds everyone some way or other. Today if Kunal and Shraddha are together and have fallen for each other, then the main reason is Jaya. Her spicy comments and tally teeter personality made Kamini insecure and possessive about her son. She did everything wrong to stop Kunal to meet Shraddha. How much she tried to create distance between them, but instead it just brought them both even more closer. All credit goes to Jaya!! Jaya shared her concerns with Amrit and Zorawar. They had no other choice but to agree and include Jaya with them too. Jaya is the spice of the show, and without her, the show seems a little boring.
  Shraddha wants to talk to Kunal, so she decides to wait for his call outside, where Kittu joined her. Kunal called Shraddha and informed her to meet in Karol Bagh’s Mandir the next day for their wedding. Both girls are shocked and in anticipation; about how everything would happen perfectly without any trouble. Kunal informed them to not to worry and be on time. Kittu promised Kunal that she would be there with Shraddha on time. It made Kunal feel a little relaxed and he become a little cheerful. He tells Shraddha to be a little romantic. Shraddha blushes and smiles. Kittu quickly butts in and reminds Kunal that she’s still there. Kunal was like “pyaar kiya toh darna kya”, but before he ends his sentence, Kittu hears Anand's voice and hangs up the phone.
  Anand asked them what they are doing outside in the cold, Shraddha fakes a headache and tells him she needed fresh air. Anand asked her if she has completed her packing, and Shraddha hugs her brother to see so much love for her. Relationships are like that whether it’s with siblings, parents, sister in laws, friends, lover or anyone. It makes a person emotional, because they don’t want to hurt them or do anything against them. But sometime we have to listen to our hearts and go against our love ones. Sometime it becomes difficult to chose one, and you end up by choosing the right or wrong. The heart is never wrong, because God lives there, and where God lives, it cannot be wrong. 
  Anand informs Shraddha and Kittu that their flight is at 1:00pm sharp, so they have to be there on time, and leave early. It made both Shraddha and Kittu panic that how they will manage everything? Kittu promised Shraddha that she would make an excuse somehow, and definitely make sure the wedding happens the following day as planned. Shraddha shares her fear with Kittu and says that things are not happening as they are planning and it seems that they are rushing the marriage. But Kittu assures her that nothing is like that, she shouldn’t be worried and think about Kunal; how he is ready to fight with the whole world for Shraddha.
  It’s true, when we do something wrong or against our elders or love ones, it always ends up being wrong. How much we love to see Shraddha and Kunal together, we don’t want anything bad happening to them, or see them in problems in the future life. It’s better for them to not to go against their parents, not to hurry anything and give time to the family to accept their love, their marriage with open hearts. Relations are like a string, once it breaks, it hardly remains the same. We have to be very careful when dealing with it. It’s good to be emotional for your love ones, but it’s not good to deal with them emotionally.
  Scene of the day was Shraddha and Dhruv scene. For him she is the only reason to live, to smile, because of her he is living the life. Yes mothers are precious and no one can take place of her in any person life whether accept it or not. How he is very understanding, and understands the feelings of his mother. How he asked her happiness from the God. Shraddha thought he would ask about Kunal to go with them, but he amazed her by telling his wish. I loved the bonding between one mother and son. More than a son, he is her friend. How sweetly he said “mumma khush toh Dhruv khush”. Lovely, simply lovely.
  Mother was looking for happiness for son, and son was looking for happiness for his mother, and good thing is that Kunal is perfect father and husband for them.  Shraddha shared how she wants to do something for his son’s happiness, but she is afraid that whether it’s right or wrong. But the confidence of one son on his mother; that she wont do anything wrong, was really touching. He asked her not to be afraid because he is with her. Yes when her son is with her then she doesn’t need to afraid, and that’s really cute of him to give his mother the support.
  Over all wonderful episode, each character was in consistency. Actors were superb!!! Dialogue were nice, especially the conversation between mother and son, brilliant!!! Star of the day was our Dhruv, very cute and wise!!!
  Precap was nice; Kunal was waiting for them, and they are looking ways to escape from there. We all know that wedding is not going to happen, but still looking forward to seeing the dhamakedar episode!! Keep watching Meri Bhabhi Monday to Friday at 8pm on Star Plus!!!

Author - Muniza Riaz
Telly Tadka

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