Friday, December 20, 2013

Does Kunal Deserve Rude Behavior?

There is a Hindi phrase “naiki kur, dariya mein daal”. This perfectly fits Kunal of Meri Bhabhi on Star Plus.  Since the time he has entered Shraddha’s life he has only helped her and her family out of problems, but in turn has received only ill treatment from Shraddha’s family. It would be wrong if I said that that Shergill’s never treated him well. Yes they definitely give him respect, and a place in their hearts, but since the time Kamini has talked with Amrit, her behavior has changed towards Kunal, and then Ishan, and now the whole family treats him badly. It seems like he has committed a crime by loving Shraddha, and wishes to readily accept her son.  We all know that Kamini’s behavior was/is wrong with Shraddha, and she has insulted her many times, but why does Kunal have to pay for her behavior?   
I think the Shergill’s are over reacting, and dealing the whole matter in a wrong manner. Just because Kamini is wrong they shouldn’t misbehave with other people from the Shrivastav Family. They have totally forgotten how Kunal bought their land and solved Shraddha’s case. Because of him Ishan got bailed from Jail, Shraddha finally has a divorce. And today Shraddha is confident because of him only.  This guy has helped them on many occasions but what is he getting in return? Only insult from them.  It’s really sad, and shameful. The Shergill family needs to understand that Kunal is a nice guy with a good heart unlike Bobby. Their concern for their daughter is understandable, but that doesn't justify their rude behavior towards Kunal.

            Since their problem is with Kamini, they can nicely tell Kunal that until his mother will accept their relationship with open arms, he will have to wait. They are wise and educated people, and it doesn't look nice when they deal with relationships like this. They cannot forget the fact that Kunal is Kittu’s brother. On one hand they call Kittu their daughter, but the way they are treating her brother and the family,  just shows their selfishness and difference between daughter and daughter in law. It’s not easy to treat daughter and daughter in law alike. If they really love Kittu and respect her, they shouldn’t disrespect anyone from her family whether they are wrong or right. There is a way to handle and deal with problems. The more they treat Kunal badly, their problems will only grow and create a  distance between the families. Treating Kunal badly is not the solution to the problem.

            I hope the shergill family will understand and not misbehave with Kunal in future. Specially Ishan, he is way younger than him, and has no right to disrespect him. Anand is an another case; a man who has no respect for his wife, cannot be expected to treat her brother with empathy.  This is my perspective about the whole scenario, and I think one need to give respect to get respect. Kunal doesn’t deserve this treatment from the Shergill’s, and I hope someone reminds them of all that the guy has done for them!!

Author – Muniza Riaz

Telly Tadka

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  1. I think you are absolutely right.The Shergill family is punishing someone as kind-hearted and good as Kunal for the ill deeds of his mother.What is his fault in this that he is Kamini's son?What is his fault that she thinks ill about Shraddha and links her badly with Kunal??he has always wanted the good for her and always made her happy, "100 Watt wally muskurahat on Shraddha's face" as Kittu says.But Amrit and Ishaan has always treated him very badly without any kind of fault and thats just worst to see because Amrit is not supposed to be that type of a person.and the bad behaviour just kepps rising.Its just awful to watch.