Monday, December 16, 2013

Bigg Boss Contestant Arrested For Assault

Actor Armaan Kohli, who is currently seen on Bigg Boss Season 7, has been arrested by the Lonavla Police for allegedly assaulting ex Bigg Boss contestant, Sofia Hayat. 

According to reports, the actor was arrested following a complaint made by another Bigg Boss contestant, who was recently evicted from the house; Sofia Hayat. Ms. Hayat claims that she was manhandled by Mr. Kohli on the show, which was aired on Colors TV. The actor will be produced at the Wadgaon Maval Court later today.

Claims made by the British model, actress and singer states that apparently the incident took place when she was involved in a task set by the Bigg Boss. Ms. Hayat was cleaning a car windscreen using a mop, which Mr. Kohli used, to hit her on the face. The actress further claims that the footage was not aired by the channel since children may also watch the show.

Recently photos of Ms. Hayat's bruised jaw had been seen circulating in social media sites.

According to reports, the Lonavla Police collected raw footage of the incident from the sets of Bigg Boss, which apparently confirms the incident having been taken place. 

Since the seventh season of this controversial reality show begun, the contest, it's particular contestants and the show's host; Bollywood actor Salman Khan, has been marred with controversies. The accused actor became one of those particular celebrities, the audience loves to hate. And after numerous shocking and appalling behaviours, Mr. Kohli was seen acquiring support from Mr. Khan, to the dismay of other Bigg Boss contestants. 

Ms. Hayat is now stating that she will not only put Mr. Kohli behind bars, but will also be suing the channel, Colors TV. 

Check out Sofia Hayat's Press Conference after filing an FIR against Armaan Kohli.

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