Monday, November 28, 2011

Hitler Didi- Episode Analysis

Hitler Didi- Episode Analysis

Episode starts with Jagrata going on in full swing, the tourists seem to be enjoying what they see, which leaves Rishi Contended, Indira on the other hand is shown to walk with her suitcase, and all she can think of is her mother's spiteful words...the scene of her mother telling Indira that the house still belongs to her (Refer Mom) and will be passed on her son, showing that she is siding with him....

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  1. I love this new drama on ZEE...seems to be a good story line with a refreshing new face-Sumit(Rishi)....& Rati is as brilliant as she was before...many of other members of the family played by veteran actors of this industry make this show more interesting...Best of luck guys :)