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Review of American Shows - Revenge - Once Upon A Time

Revenge (ABC, Wednesday @ 10pmEST)

Season 1, Episode 5: Guilt

Lydia, Victoria Grayson’s ex-best friend who was banished by her earlier comes back to the Hampton’s. She attempts to get her house back from Emily. Security chief Frank leaks to Victoria about the $10 million her husband Conrad paid to Lydia, who is now his mistress. Meanwhile, Lydia comes across an old picture of herself and Victoria at a party which has Emily/Amanda catering at the party in a black wig. She connects the dots that Emily was the person who set her up. All this is watched by Nolan who had bugged a whale figurine which finds its way from Emily’s house to Lydia’s apartment. Nolan explains when Emily questions the bug, and offers to help her. While Emily is seducing Daniel at the party, Nolan happily heads to Lydia’s to gather the evidence. He sees Frank and Lydia get into a fight and she falls off the roof. Daniel after a fight with his father walks away from his $100 million dollar trust fund and accepts a bartending job at Jack Porter’s who is also competing with him for Emily’s affections.

Season 1 Episode 6: Intrigue

The episode opens with Lydia in a coma. Emily and Nolan send the video of Frank beating up Lydia to Conrad who fires him with a hefty severance pay to keep his secrets. Instead of accepting his dismissal, Frank visits Lydia’s apartment building and managed to get a peek at the security footage which shows Nolan entering. He roughs Nolan up at Victoria’s party and then witnesses Nolan telling Emily immediately afterward. He calls Victoria and warns that he thinks they’re all being set up. Tyler’s best friend meddles in Emily-Daniel’s affair .He tells Victoria Daniel took a bartending gig under Emily’s influence enraging her further. Tyler doesn’t want Daniel to be working at the bar, so he puts something in his drink to drug him, leading us to believe that he’s up to no good. Then he heads outside to smack his head against a pillar and blame it on Daniel to Victoria.

Once Upon a Time (ABC, Sunday @ 8pmEST)

Once Upon a Time, the new fairy-tale drama created by the writers of "Lost" premiered on Sunday October 23rd 2011.

It focuses on a group of fairytale characters - Snow White, Prince Charming and other citizens of the Enchanted Forest, who have been cursed by the Evil Queen. The queen's curse has sent all of the fairytale characters to the real world where they inhabit the town of Storybrooke, Maine, unaware of their past.

The protagonist, Emma Swan is a self-reliant, self-sufficient bail bonds-woman. Her biological son Henry, whom she gave up for adoption ten years ago knocks on her door on her on her 28th birthday and takes her to Storybrooke. He believes Emma has the power to restore the memories of all the fairytale characters.Emma is actually the daughter of Snow White (the town schoolteacher), who is the key to breaking the Evil Queen’s curse according to Rumplestiltskin (now town’s banker).

The episode concludes with Emma realizing all is not well between her son and his adopted mother, the town’s Mayor and the Evil Queen’s alter-ego. She decides to stay back for a week at her son’s request to keep an eye on the happenings in town.

Author - Deepika Konduru
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