Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Huge Gap Between Male & Female Protagonist in Serials

The Huge gap between the male and female protagonist in Serials a rising trend of success or not

Kasam se, Astitva, Kasautii zindagi ki and now Kuch toh log kahengey are some of the serials based on  huge age difference between male and female protagonist.  What made these serials a huge hit? Was it the chemistry between the characters where a cute innocent and vivacious girl gets married to a stern matured and understanding man?

The stories in such serials are perfect blend of life full of troubles and misunderstandings in beginning but it evolves into a perfect blissful marital life later. These serials mirror the perfect Indian mentality of 
Compromise and working together of the couple to uphold the sanctity of marriage. Well most of the time in such serials the marriage has been a result of enforcing circumstances. 

But here is a serial with a difference, Kuch toh log Kahengey, where we see a bubbly young girl Dr Nidhi falling in love with Dr.Ashutosh who is quiet older than her. But the serial is quiet appealing and Dr Ashutosh and Dr Nidhi have been able to make place in the viewers heart.

The viewers really like the story line and portrayal of the characters seems pretty promising. Dr Ashutosh is trying to teach the meaning of life and responsibility to Dr. Nidhi but she is more interested in exploring other joys of life rather than focussing herself towards her career. The coming days would be even more interesting when we will see them fighting over these and slowly coming close together. A bond will start emerging with hesitation and slowly the story line will spread its tentacles towards what we call love or understanding.

This serial has huge potential and also viewers have huge expectation from it. Serials in the past with the same backgrounds have been huge Trp gainers and were loved by the people. What add more to Kuch toh log kahenge is that it has a potential of attracting both the young viewers and the middle aged house wives.

Author - Ayushi Sinha
Telly Tadka


  1. luving this new show
    kritika is amazing.....hats off to her acting skills...she can b bubbly, she can b sad, she can laugh, she can pout, she can b sad, she can b a simple indian girl n can turn out into a hot western diva as well.....she can pull on any character effortlessly....KTLK is amazing show
    luving d cute, sweet chemistry of nidhi n ashutosh...KTLK, kritika n monish rockkkkkkkkkkk

  2. KTLK is a super show..with brilliant performances by Mohnish n Kritika! Wish the team the very best of luck..! Directors Kut. u have truly impressed us with a lovely show.. pls continue n dun b bogged down by the useless TRPs ka pressure!!

  3. kasouti is mother..of this type of serials....kasam se(astitva me lady doctor lady role bady h shayad)now kuch tho log kahenge e BALAGI SCHOOL se eki type of serials production horaha h....real me women badi mens small AGE k shaadi kar rahe h........the great BALAGI....

  4. Interesting story so far...looking forward to the turn of events.