Saturday, September 03, 2011

Vidya get Shot in Maryada

A dramatic scene was shot in Maryada yesterday. The sensitive sequence was shot in the hospital with an emotional conversation between Gaurav and Karan. Vidya was shot and Gaurav rushed her to the hospital in a critical condition. Karan came and consoled Gaurav that Vidya will be safe and that nothing would happen to her. Karan’s mother was responsible for all of the trouble Gaurav was being put into, and so Karan promised Gaurav that only his mom will solve this problem. Gaurav was devasted as he felt responsible for Vidya’s condition. He was sad that why that bullet hit Vidya and not him. With the critical condition Vidya was in, Gaurav told Karan to leave him alone as for now he was only worried about Vidya and not their relationship.

Reporter - Nikhat Khan
Author - Shivani Patel
Telly Tadka

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