Saturday, September 24, 2011

Highest Point of The Week

High Points of the Week

TellyTadka once again presents its viewers with high points in your favourite shows for this week ..

Phulwa: Colors Prime Time Show Phulwa this week saw a very interesting high point with the daredevil dacoit Phula finally loosing her heart to a small time thief Shatrughan when she sees him taking the bullet for her and saving her life from the Thakurs .It seems the show which was based on Phoolan Devi's life is all set to take a turn of a love story now between the dacoit and this thief whose real identity will be revealed soon during the Navratri special episodes.


Iss Pyaar ko Kya Naam Doon: It seems love is in the air in all the shows this week as even Khushi and Arnav are slowly getting towards each other while Khushi also gets to witness a different soft side of Arnav when she sees him fulfilling a little kid's wish in a temple .Another turning point in the show comes when in yesterday's episode ,Khushi's father suddenly suffers from a heart attack and in the upcoming episode one will witness how Shyam's real face is revealed in front of Khushi and her family .

  Pratigya: This week star plus's popular show Pratigya saw quite a few positive developments with Krishna and Praitgya all set to go for a Mumbai trip which is considered as the couple's mini honeymoon while Sajjan Singh had to cancel his honeymoon plans with Ganga becuase of his ill health .Ganga is also shown slowly melting towards her maid servant Goonga and might soon get into a affair with him .It will be interesting to see how Sajjan Singh will react to this whole fiasco then while Krishna-Pratigya fans can enjoy this Mumbai trip of the couple for now.

Tellytadka tries to bring to its fans all the high points of their favourite shows every week .We would love to have your feedbacks and suggestions here so that we can improve next time for the better .

Author - G. Ganguly
Telly Tadka


  1. No Geet Hui Sabse Parayi? tooo bad!!!:/

  2. wow! ipkknd is in the list................ so happy.......

  3. Interesting section TT, thank you.

  4. Good,IPKKND getting well, pls bring the truth of Shyam as fast as you can. Good job Arnav & Khushi,love u both.

  5. Want Geet, Diya aur baati hum & Humse hai life too pls.

  6. how come geet didnt get points it doesnt happen ??????