Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Sister's Day to Loot their Brothers

Finally the day all sisters have been waiting for is slowly nearing; the day they can strip all of their brother's money and get away with it happily and deviously. Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated on August 13th. Everywhere each family has a different way they celebrate this special holiday for brothers and sisters! What do you sisters do on this day, and how does your family get together and celebrate this holiday?

Telly Tadka


  1. Oh, I am very excited for this day. My brother is elder than I am and I remember a few weeks ago he was saying that all brothers should go out on the 13th so that their sister cannot loot them :)!
    Since, I am from the US, we don't really celebrate it the holiday in an Indian type of way. We both just wake up, watch movies together and talk, fight just like every other day! I usually just emotionally blackmail my brother and then he stops fighting with me. The whole family gets together we get some yummy food to eat! Finally I tie a rakhee on my brother and my cousins!! They give me all their blessings and then I get cha chinggg....envelopes of money!!! hahaha, JK! I love this holiday not for the money, but because I love my brother very much, and this is our special day to hang out with one another! :) Awesome question, brings some excitement for the day.

  2. Really very thrilled for the coming raksha bandhaan ..since I hv no brothers staying here in Mumbai ,so every raksha bandhan ,I tie rakhi to Gopal ji's idol and its a very spl moment for me...I try to call up my cousin brothers staying in kolkata to wish them on this day and then later my gifts r always couriered by them and it reaches exactly after 2-3 days ..hehe...eagerly waiting for this spl day

  3. I dont have any own brother but have lots of cousins. Unfortunately none of them stay in the city where I stay. Atleast one of my cousins makes it a point to come to meet me on rakshabandhan but this year is gonna be the first time when none of my cousins will be able to visit me so am feeling a bit low. I guess I will just have to be satisfied with the wishes on the fone.