Friday, March 05, 2010


s Zee TV’s Lux Dance India Dance inches closer to the grand finalé when the coveted “sunehri taqdeer ki topi” will be handed out to India’s next dancing sensation, the mentors on the show - Geeta Kapoor, Remo D’souza and Terence Lewis, having invested hours of sweat and toil into moulding and chiseling the 12 finalists, are determined to ensure that it is one of their own protégés who walks away with the big laurel.

A strong sense of rivalry seems to have surfaced between the trio to the extent that when the channel recently requested them to swap contestants for a special episode, they instantly gunned the idea down!

The channel was keen to have Geeta’s contestants trained by Remo & Terence’s contestants choreographed by Geeta for a special episode just to examine how each contestant fares when coached by another master. Apparently, all three mentors flatly refused this idea, saying that they were not willing to see any of their contestants getting eliminated after having been choreographed by another mentor. Does this mean that Remo, Geeta and Terence do not trust each other’s choreographing abilities? Or are they worried that the other mentors will not put in adequate efforts to extract the best performance from their contestants? With such cut-throat competition between the mentors
dying to outdo each other, you can only expect brilliance in the final episodes of Lux Dance India Dance.

Courtesy of Anuj from Zee Network

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  1. wow awesome work thanks a lot TT.

  2. this show is a treat to watch !! what great talent our county has...cheers !!

  3. Oh it was treat to watch indeed, i love music, and u made it so nice.......thanx TT

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