Friday, February 05, 2010

Love Ne Mila Di Jodi Ending In The Month Of Love

Love ne Mila Di Jodi Ending In Month of Love

Love ne Mila Di Jodi, a show about three sisters and three brothers, which started in mid 2009 is coming to an end before the month of February ends. The show started with a lot of expectations and also gave a lot of twist and turns with full romance to fulfill the expectations. Telly Tadka contacted Karan Thacker and Simran Kaur.

Simran thanked all her audience for the love and support she got from them. She also said, "I am looking into other shows. Dont worry guys, I will be back with a bang!". Karan said that he is also looking into other projects but nothing has been fianlised yet. He also appreciates all the love that everyone gave him as Sameer in LNMDJ.

Telly Tadka wishes them best and hope to see them back soon.

Reporter: Surabhi S


Telly Tadka


  1. v wanna c an video interview of d entire starcast....nva knw wen v get 2 c such an awesum cast 2gethr TT 1 on d set segment of lnmdj

  2. plz tt we want deir sneak peak of deir last day of shoot
    really appreciate tt for giving love ne so much of importance

  3. TT thanks a ton yaar....

    Can u plz let karneet know how much we love them...and we are really gonna miss them...can't see these two separated ...plz can u let them know how desperate we are to see them dng another show together..all the karneet fans are heartbroken now....

    like someone mentioned abv...plz can we have a long interview of the six jodis...we'd be really grateful to u if yu did so....

    you have always considered our views and wishes...plz consider this one too

  4. can u plz hav an interview with the entire cast. im sad its ending. i hope to see karan simran gaurav dishank damini parneet in other shows. but plz hav an interview with them soon
    thnxxx TT

  5. Ohh It is really disappointing. We wanted to see this show till June but so sad, they are not listening at all to the viewers. Anyhows, you people can arrange and interview than, please. We know you can only do it. Other media channels are only interested in specific shows. I have seen they never gave coverage to this show. Please akind request, 1 hour on sets (i am sure in end episodes they will be a huge blast on sets) and interview of all of them with Illa Gujral also. PLease

  6. It's sad that my favourite show lnmdj is ending...anyways i wish the entire cast and crew all the very best

    TT can u convey to Karan and Perneet(Karneet) that how much we r gonna miss them

  7. i am really disappointed that lnmdj is ending so soon. I still can't digest the news and don't think i may be able to do so. Other shows such as dmg or mjht could have been stopped but why lnmdj? Lnmdj can't be compared to other shows cause it's the BEST! Wish you give us a video interview and if possible a special episode as well on valentine's day.(1 hour special) We love all the 3 jodis! I hope lnmdj2 comes on tv with the same cast. LNMDJ ROCKS!

  8. yup v luv all d 3 jodis...........dis shw hs d best n d most romantic title track eva...........

  9. Can you please please please give a video interview of the entire cast...i mean the SIX.....GK, CS, Simmran,Da, KT and Perneet?

    Awwwwww simran...i so hope we get to see again soon! Love you loads!

  10. plzzz tell karan and perneet that we love u soooooooo much.....ur chemistry is awesome.......we would like to see u both together in any other love story........

  11. we would like to see u all six in any other show.........i'm very very disappointed cuz love ne is ending soooo soon.........we all love u sooooo much.......

  12. telly tadka you hav always been sweet heart and gave us interviews of the three jodi's .please please can you take interview of all of them together???especially i miss my SAVNI a lot.....karneet are my favorite couple onscreen and i love them sooo much...plz tell them to come up together in another show......savni rockssssss

  13. TT, plzz try to bring an interview of PriDa, SAvni, n VaRni, n also Ila Gujral.... plzzz

    n plzz convey ma msg to them dat i really luv all the 3 jodis especially SAvni( karan n perneet).....its ma humble request....

    thank u...

  14. its really hard to digest d fact that my one and only fav show is ending......

    anyways wishing all six best of luck for their future :)

    itssss a very special and important messsages to karan an perneet only :

    karneet i am going to miss u like hell.......
    i was weeping for d fact that 26th feb is d last day i will see my fav superbbb best jodi karneet for d last tym....... :(

    itssss a reqst to my perneet and karan that plzzzzzzzzzz bring karneet back onscreen again.....

    karan and perneet plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz work as a jodi again as soon as possible....i cannot live widout seeing u onscrren together....i am dying to see my karneet as soon as possible after d ending of lnmdj.....

    karneet plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz come back :)

  15. Plz do not end the show.....take away those 3 stupid characters and show us some more savni.....the show will rock !!!

  16. Thanx TT..

    Al i can say is the CVs are gonna regre this decision..this is the BEST show ive seen on television for ages and ages!..Not only was it popular but different!..its really sad they brang in 3 idiots only to loose many viewers.but i know thousands of people who still love this show and the 3 gawjus jodis!..I will never forgive Star One and the CVs for snatching away my favourite show, my oxygen and my happiness 'Love Ne Mila Di Jodi'..

    Here are a few things id like to say:

    -This is the only show ive seen in decades which had all the good-looking people in one show!..All the girls are beautfiul and all the guys are handsome!..Also this show had amazing newcomers who have created their own nisches in the industry and in our hearts: special mention to Karan and Perneet.

    -Each and every actor who was part of LNMDJ has acted so well that not for once did it seem like a programme to me, i always felt it was real and i was always at the edge of my seats!..

    -All 3 jodis personified Love for me and i will never forget them and the love between them, the 3 sisters were amazing together and loved the love, support and trust the brothers shared with one another..LNMDJ definitely has taught me alot in life and i will always hold those memories in my heart..

    -Even if this show ends, i will start re-watching it from the beginning (thanxs to youtube) and would like to suggest this to other LNMDJ fans too!

    I am the BIGGEST Savni fan and Karneet fan in this Universe and would jsut want to say a few lines to them..

    Karan-Your the best newcomer in years and i feel as if we are sooooooooo lucky to have seen such a brilliant actor like you in are the BEST in ever category whether its looks, personality, intelligence or acting!..May god give you all the happinesses in this world and may u always shine on my tv screen as an amazing actor!..You definitely have made your own niche and i will pray u reach the heights of success and are always happy..Theres no-one like you and i will always love you!..Hope to see you in an amazing show soon! *Hopefully with Perneet*..

    Perneet-Your a delight to watch and u are definitely one of the finst and most flawless actresses in indian television!..No one could have done Avni better than you and I am definitely your biggest fans!..May god give you all the happinesses in this world and may u always shine on my tv screen as an amazing actor!..You definitely have made your own niche and i will pray u reach the heights of success and are always happy..Theres no-one like you and i will always adore you!..Hope to see you in an amazing show soon! *Hopefully with Karan*..

    To My Karneet:
    Savni are the BEST Jodi on Television NO DOUBTS and will always be for me!..Ive named yours and Perneets jodi as Karneet and for me your off-screen chemistry is absolutely *adorable*..LOVE you both Together and wish to see more and more of you both together..

    Loads and Loads of Love and Best Wishes x x x

    *TT thankooooooooooooo soooooooooo much for beingthe ebst people in this world and always keeping us and thses gawjus actors in contact!..I can never ever forget how may happinesses uve given us in the forms of videos etc, the only last favour i would want to ask is a group interview of Gaurav, Chandana, Simran, Dishank, Karan and Perneet. And in addition 3 jodi interviews too..Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!..This would minimise our pain of loosin this gawjus show..Pleaseeeeeeeeee do try to do this favour for us..Thankooooooo for everything TT!..

  17. love ne is the best show ever i have seen ...M gonna miss the showwww..especially gaurav and chandana i simply love them together.

  18. im sooo upset tht lnmdj is ending, this was the best show ever and i was soo attached to it. im really goin to miss savni they are the couple on telly, i jus loved there scenes they had great chemistry, i even loved thm off screen as karneet they were sooo cute n adorable, im requesting TT if they can interview karneet before the show finishes it would me a great favour for us savni fans!! I LOVE SAVNI AKA KARNEET!! BEST COUPLE EVER!!

    if karan is doing that new show on star one i would love if perneet would cast oppsite him kuz i really love thm as a couple, its like im going to die if i dont see savni together!!! plzzz

  19. Will really miss watching my fav show after 26th Feb..esp my fav. pair PRIDA!!! Chandana nad Gaurav , u guys shared amazing chemistry between u and were a total natural onscreen. Hope to see guys together in future too.

    My best wishes to the entire cast Of LNMDJ for the future and a special mention to the creative team and the director for giving us such an awesome show..

    and yes, we would like if u guys would cover the last day of shoot...

  20. I love them all and I'll miss LNMDJ like hell!....Karan, Perneet, Gaurav, Chandana, Simran and Dishank....really gonna miss u guys.....wish you all d very best in life and do cm bk with new shows......
    a special request to Perneet-Karan... plz be bk with another show 2gether....with ur sizzling chemistry......really hope to c u all other shows....wish u all a fantastic career and a rockin care!

    P.S. - Plz TT make my wish........1 last interview of all the pairs together.......with behind the scenes....plz TT plz!!!!

  21. Amazing show coming to end! Two of the best characters on Indian TV are Prithvi and Damini
    Never seen depth like that.
    All messed up in 2010.
    Its better they end than drag it .
    Thank for amazing few month

  22. Please TT do a favour.....Please pass a message to karan and perneet to come together in a new show will rock ....they are just jodi.....better than any.....other jodi !!

    Please convince the CVS of star one not to end this show and show us some more SAMEER-AVNI !!!! I just love them....can we have an interview and special valentine episode of KARAN-PARNEET !! Please read this comment and do me this favour !!!

  23. we are gonna miss Karneet a lot!!!!!....plz can u guys arrange an interview fr long one ...of all the six on v'day...plz plz.....plz.....its a request.....


  25. ill really miss this awesome serial......

    i jus love the jodi Savni n Prida..... jus love their acting...

    all d best guys.....n i really wish karneet comes bak wid their sizzling d upcomin projects...

    all d best!!!!

  26. TT , u guys r jus fabulous.....can u guys request the CV's to pull the story till 200 episodes n wind up the show at the end of march.....

    plzzzzz its simply superb....nw the show is really interestin n superb...wid full action, drama n stuffz.....

    plzzzz try to do this....its our fans n my request also......ONLI U GUYS CAN DO THAT.....PLZZZ TELL DEM.........

    thank u....

  27. TT, plzz reply me.... plzz tel the cv's to extend d show till march end....

  28. Hey TT plz do us a favour....plz convince the cvs that how popular lnmdj is!! plz dont it....instead end mjht and dmg....they are bakwas !!

    Please do it and plz let karneet know how much we love them....

    if cvs start a new and romantic track of sameer-avni the show will definitel rock !!! We love SAVNI !!!

    Please TT do it for us....we have hopes only on u!!!

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