Thursday, February 04, 2010

"Fights are part of life": Sanaya Irani

"Fights are part of life": Sanaya Irani

Day by day Nupur is becoming more possessive about her sister Gunjan. Nupur does not like the way Samrat behaves with Gunjan thus asks him to stay away from her sister. Both the sisters have a small argument because of this. Currently, the serial will show the track of changing relationships between the sisters.

We contacted Sanaya Iranai to ask what she feels about this story line? Sanaya said that she is really enjoying doing these scenes as fight scenes have not been done before. She says that what is being shown happens with everyone, it is part of life. Sanaya further said she is getting to interact with Rati Pandey more for doing gunjan-nupur scenes.

Audio Message from Sanaya to fans:


Reporter: Surabhi S


  1. that is soo true. even i keep fighting with my sister but that doesnt mean i hate her at the end of the day shes my sister and will always be no matter what. The more you fight the more you love each other .You cant hate her for the rest of your life.
    "Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there".

    I hope nupur and gunjan fix things btw each other soon. IT sweet of nupur to be possessive.

  2. omggggg....thats so true ..everyone has fights and all's pretty common ....even i fight a lot with my sis ....she must be pretty happy to b a 10000km away from me [i miss her though].....thanks a lot TT ...the audio message was superb and i am really really glad to know that sanaya's getting to know rati better due this fight track [kuch toh fayda hua bhai]...anyways thanks again TT u guy r the best *hugs*

  3. ya fights r common..!!
    bt though i hope dat nupur soon realize that she is wrong..!!
    n d fight gets soughted out...
    we don't lyk lovely sisters fighting..
    btw thanx for sharing tt..!!