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Aayi Aayi Re Holi

Aayi Aayi Re Holi

Holi is one of the most fun filled festivals celebrated. Let us make this celebration even more fun by remembering some of the best holi scenes shown on Televison. There is no way that in one page we can list all the scenes because serials are numerous and so many scenes. However, we tried to pick some of the best holi scenes ever.

Kumkum: this holi is post reincarnation of kumkum and sumit. Firstly, Kumkum applies red color on Veena’s face and Veena feels kumkum’s presence but before she can she her Kumkum disappears. Kumkum then goes and puts red color on Sumit who becomes furious at her. He picks her up and throws her in the water but after realising that she is drunk, he picks her up and takes her to her room and put her to sleep.

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann: Post reincarnation, Amar and Divya meet in Banaras where Divya has to stay at Amar’s house. Amar gradually falls in love with Divya. During the holi celebration, Amar who has drunk a lot of bhaang walks up to Divya and fills her maang with red color.

Choti Bahu: Dev who has just returned from USA sees Radhika and falls for her. He seraches for her everywhere. Then on day of holi he goes to celebrate with Birju where he puts red color on Radhika’s cheeks thinking it is Birju. Radhika runs from there and Dev follows. Radhika comes and sits by the river bank. She tries to remove the color but it doesnt wash off. She then imagines Dev come towards her but is disturbed by her friend teasing her about the red color.

Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hain: Kripa comes to the holi celebration but Angad rudely asks her to go home so nothing happens to the child. Angad in his mind says that he will always care for kripa even if he is angry with her and kripa also says in her mind that she knows angad cares for her no matter what. As Kripa is about to go in the car, Angad comes and puts color on kripa’s forehead and also wished her.

Kitani Mohabbat Hain: Sahil has made a cardboard statue of Arjun. Aarohi throws water color on it but just then arjun comes and removes the cardboard and all the color smahes into his face. Arjun gets very angry and starts moving towards Aarohi who keeps moving back and finally she falls into a tub with water color.

Dil Mil Gaye: we have two scenes from the serial as Riddhima was replaced more than once. The first scene is when Shilpa Anand was playing Riddhima. Riddhima is completely drunk so Armaan offers to drop her home. While Armaan is putting her off to sleep, Ridhhima says she loves him a lot. Armaan also says he loves her but Riddhima has already fallen asleep. The sceond scene is when Sukriti Khandpal was playing Riddhima. Armaan, Atul, and Rahul are looking for Riddhima, Anjali, and Muskaan. They spot them and go towards them. Ridhhima runs from there and Armaan follows her. She runs behind the curtains with Armaan following her. He finally reaches there and removes the curtains only to find Dr. Shashank there.

Miley Jab Hum Tum: This scene has both the jodis. Gunjan puts color on Samrat who pretends that it went into his eyes. Gunjan then helps him with her dupatta only to realise that it was prank by Samrat who runs away after putting color on her face. Nupur watches this from a distance and is surprised. On the other hand Mayank comes and Nupur puts color on his face. She is about to go when Mayank calls her back and puts color on her face. Nupur cannot believe that Mayank can be so chilled out.

Telly Tadka wishes all its viewers a very Happy Holi!

Author: Surabhi S


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  1. loved both the holi sequences of original dmg1 with armaan and riddhima.

    The first holi sequence where riddhima reveals her love for armaan in an intoxicated state is one of the best scenes of dmg1.

  2. Awwww remember the MayUr scene so well!! Man it rocked to the core!! Hope we have more romantic ones this year with Nups getting drunk and telling Mayu, in a drunken state how much she loves him [8->]


  4. both the scene of DMG 1 r the best