Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Same Old Track

The Same Old Track

Love Ne Mila Di Jodi had introduced a new track in the show after the death of Ila Gujeral. The new track focused much more on family drama. Therefore, to add more spice and tension between the couples a new family, relatives from the boys side, was shown. The aunt of the boys disapproves of the Gujeral sisters and find them unworthy of their nephews thus comes with a new plan each day to throw the girls out of the lives of the boys. In one such attempt, Roshini, the youngest sister, unknowingly drank poison that was meant to kill the unborn child of Avni, the middle sister. The aunt's son, Munna, has his dirty eyes set on Roshini. Damini, the eldest sister, does suspect Munna of this but she has no proof against him.

Sources have confirmed that the TRPs has increased upon the introduction of the new track. Furthermore, the creatives have no intention to end this family track any soon due to an increase in the TRPs of the show. So, the family track is here to stay a little longer than expected.

Reporter: Surabhi S


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  1. Hello PH and Channel,

    Please end this gharelu track ASAP. this series is not about perverts and killers. This new track is disgusting to the core. It is a BIG turn OFF and I am sure losing out audience is not what you want.

    Bring back the fun on LNMDJ. Let circumstances be the antagonists not these disgusting lowlife perverts and killers.

    I love this serial too much and hate to see it going down the drain literally.

    End this worthless track please. Give me my old LNMDJ back..

    why do you do promotions to promote this show instead???

  2. Pls CV's dont kill the lovely show in the name of TRP by showing so much negative characters that the ardent fans of the show are forced to quit it.......

    The 3 additions that u have done in the name of gharelu track are just bad bad bad......... there are better ways to show a villan not the addition of angle of lust and scheming against a married couple and an unborn child......

    Pls save my Fav show from this torture called gharelu track.....

  3. oh!!!! puhleeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz......if we fans decide not to see it then you know the TRPS wud go down...and if this is to stay then i'll quit no matter wat....thanks fr telling ...TT again i dun have to waste my time...i'll watch this show the moment this track ends!!!!! fr now its Goodbye from me to this show!!!!

  4. Plz! We've had enough of this track! Plz we have been crazy fans of the original track & request the channel to stop testing our patience! We want our original track back!

  5. Are you serious? I am super mad that people actually like to watch this track in Love ne milla di jodi. Please change the track. I am not watching the show after watching yesterday's episode. Please creatives and the Channel, do not continue with this track. I am disgusted at the current track and will not watch the show until the characters of mausi, munna and rani leave the show.

  6. Thanks TT for informing about this track not ending. I am not going to watch this show now. Only TRPs matter to the channel and not the audience. To be honest how do people even watch this track. It is unbearable and ridiculously DISGUSTING to watch this show. the channel has ruined my favorite show.

  7. seriously? what is this.. an ekta show? i want the old LNMDJ back. i miss those old days! although we still get our fav couple's scenes. for me, SaVni scenes, but it's just not the same anymore. PLEASE end this track and get rid of those 3 ASAP!

  8. Seriously this track is not accepted. I wont mind if there is some good gharelu track, but cheap and disgusting, couldnt acceptable. 3 characters from village, so they could show their stupidity, and simplicity, but not the disgusting behaviour. Why there is need to create damage between lovely couples, and even try to kill the unborn child?

    Please creatives, save this show by showing all this negative gharelu track.

  9. dis is a cheap way 2 improve trps...are trps sense of respect 2wrds women...last nite epi. was disgusting...its bcum impossible 4 me 2 watch dis show with my family.
    strange, v keep on complng 2 mjht cvs 2 show mayur 4 rise in trps bt dey simply dnt care.

  10. thankssssssss tt for d news

    well very honestly i dnt mind for dis gharelu tack as long as its improving the trps and aour lnmdj will not go offair....

    atleast dis gharelu track is responsible to make ou show onair and for me thats most imp....

    i just dnt want my lnmdj to go off air...
    i cant sleep widout seeing my fav jodi avni and sameer mon to friday....they both makes my day :)

    and we all know negative characters never win they just create prblems but ultimately d romnce and cute scenes btwn all d jodis will be there...that is wt most imp :)

    if ending of gharelu track means end of the show lnmdj :( theni hope to continue the show any how.......

    i love d lnmdj and savni :)

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  12. but cvs of lnmdj.....

    thee re is one request
    do keep ur gharelu track if its help d show bcs we dnt want d show to go offair at all
    but plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz stop showing that disgusting scene that munna did and also rani peeping while sam changing...gharelu track is fine but in some other way plzzzzzzzz
    and dnt kill savni baby.......we love savni and d baby :)

  13. DEAR chnl n PH..

    plzzz 4 gods sake .. spare us this crap track ! arrey if u ppl wanna shw sm stuf like dat brng sm old grandma or smdby who keeps taunting da bahus 4 smthng or the othr,, dat is 100000 times betr than the nnsense u r shwng us !! excuse us plzzz..

    I dunno.. hw u calculate ur TRPs .. bt as far as i knw .. mst of ma frens hv stopped watchn da shw.. n i m too quitting if this track xtnds mre... U shd remember that ur core audience were youth.. n if they quit.. i really wndr.. hw much TRPs u r gng 2 garner.. 2 those female creep characters r fir bhi ok.. bt dat male munna character... its disgusting.. i jus change ma chnl evrytym he cms onscreen.. if it cntinues like this.. no family wil watch it.. thnks 2 gross n crass scenes u r shwng 4 dat munna's sake ! enuf is enuf.. plzzz spare us n our fav shw...

    shw us sm shopisticated stuf.. wch was d 1st reason v startd watchn da shw 4 ! brng on a rival bussiness associate.. or A chldhood frend of da gals.. brng on sm ego clashes n jealousy... i gaurantee u dat ur TRPs wil reach sky high.. bt if u cntinue wth this track... u wil b jus loosing a lot mre of ur precious audience !

    - sry 4 all da ranting.. jus cudnt bear ma fav shw gng dwn da drain !

    - Thnx TT.. 4 sharng us this news... :D :D :D

    - luv niki..

  14. Dear PH & Channel ..

    Please end this gharelu track ASAP. Its getting harder on fans to watch the antics of Mausi, Munna & Rani on an everyday basis.. They are disgusting to the core and are ruining everything that LNMDJ once stood for.

    In the name of TRP's .. you might be gaining a few more fans but at the cost of losing out on so many fans who fell in love with the show for its different flavour and strong characters. Its unfair on die-hard fans of the show to tolerate any crap churned out to us.

    Please please please bring back the LNMDJ we all fell in love with.

  15. Please end this Track.The TRP's are increasing because of PriDa,SavNi,VarNi and not because of mausi,munna & rani.Please its really getting tough to watch this show now.In ur quest for more TRP's u are just going to lose out on a lot of die hard fans of this show.
    Please end this track soon.LNMDJ is becoming unberable now.

  16. well can they please disclose the kind of trps they are getting i want a comparison chart from three months back to now!..was it a 4 rating then and a 6 or 7 now?!! way i dont think must have increased by some few .1 or.2...and they are happy with that?...THE PH AND CHANNEL SHOULD FOCUS ON PROMOTION SOME PROMOS for the show to get noticed so that they can bring in more audience.....this gharelu track is just disgusting to the core!...stooping to such low levels murder, and all this lustful looks and acts that this munna character portrays is just crap...bull shit...not worthy of screen space!....

    all this is driving the actual loyal audience to quit watching the show..just read updates posted on forums...this is a pitiful situation cos the same audience once used to watch all the repeats on tv plus on youtube..

    for god's sake this began as a youth show why the forceful conversion into this gharelu nonsense?!..does star one feel it can get a rural audience to suddenly get interested in the way! they are still gonna stick to watching the stuff on star plus and other socially driven shows..

    and pls dont compare trps of youth shows to saas bahu shows..they are two different genres!..its like comparing trps of comedy shows to trps of news channels!..its just absurd..

    and if star one wants a revamp to gharelu why is the DMG (dil mill gaye) show not being converted to gharelu! come only tht one is spared just because its been running for 2 yrs now is it?...unfair treatment!

    Love ne mila di jodi was the best indian show i came across..and it pains to see it get ruined like this...HURTS!...

    Cvs, makers you still have time to turn around the tracks...give us back the sophisticated show we had..and we wont complain..we have never complained..but this gharelu thing we have bared for a month now..enough is enough ..get it over with right now!!

  17. creatives are getting mad, and now only the people's in 80's or 90's must be watching this show for entertainment, we did not want lnmdj to go off air and thats why we started watching and rating it high everynow and then, but i guess this has lead to the misconception of the channel and cv's that we like this track i we all know that is nothing but CRAP!!!!!!!!

  18. I will stop watching now then
    It is too disgusting

  19. Cv's and Ph
    I am a die hard fan of the show....especially Savni....started watching the show because i felt the story had some freshness and yes i was not wrong...The brilliant screenplay,dialogues,execution and class acting by the star cast kept me glued to the show....The way Mother-daughter relationship has been potrayed,such chemistry between the sisters and the brothers was never before seen on indian television...LNMDJ was class in it's own of the best shows i have seen
    But Sadly with this new track it has lost the old it's like any other saas bahu soap. Thankfully we get to see some romance between the couples and that's the only saving grace

    I don't like this Gharelu track...but if it has seriously contributed to the show's trp's then i am not complaining....because it's better to have something rather than nothing

  20. Disgusting...Disgusting....DISGUSTING

    What else is left now?!

    Ruined the whole essence of the show and it's leads!

    FYI, this show is "LOVE NE MILA DI JODI" and not some Gharelu titled show!
    That means that you show MORE of the LOVE between the Jodis and not the unnecessary crap in the form of Evil scheming Mausi character, Perverted Munna and his better half Rani!

    The show will loose all the audience and the fans it has garnered through this~!

    Nothing good can come out of these Moronic Threesome!

    GET THEM OUT OF the show ASAP!

  21. dear channel and PH,
    firstly thank u so muchh for gvng us such a nice show LNMDJ and such a nice pair it feels gud till d date....i luv 2 watch d show bcoz it iwas different....not ghissa-pitta has luv in his purest form till d revenge bhoot was there...but now-a-days it shows such things which is forcing me to leave dis show...but still being a strict gaucha fan i really want them to be successful...but agar yeh track chalta raha then i have 2 leave dis show...

  22. dear channel
    thanx so much for this lovely show
    it was great n different but with the gharelu track it is losing its uniqueness n charm
    regarding the trp hike i think its just because recently we got some very good scenes of couples not because of gharelu track
    if this track continues i will definetely loose the intrest in the show like many others....

  23. Oh my gosh, rising TRP's for such a crappy tack.... which is worse than any Ekta track I have seen, not that I have watched much of her shows??? :0.
    Is this an utter insult to viewers like us or are the general audience so sick that they like to watch pervert men peeping on young girls, own aunt splitting 3 beautiful relationships, or a use-for-nothing girl going around grabbing a man for herself!
    Totally idiotic...
    When Ila gujral was there, the show, the cast, their dressing, behavior, and conduct was so so dignified, upscale, and worth emulating.
    I wonder if the TRPs are due to people who themselves are like those creeps introduced in the show and hat's off to the CVs for catering to such an audience rather than adhering to a decent love track.

  24. Who is the idiot who is watching this serial for the Garelu Track.. I mean come on you gotta be kidding me.. you mean that the stupid uneducated scheming Mausi, the ugly screaming chimpunk faced Rani and the Pan spitting Pervert Munna are helping in increasing TRP's of LNMDJ...You gotta be kidding me.. who in their sane minds are willing to see such cartoons on t.v... atlest not be.. thank God I stopped watching the serial the day wen this three ugly rural good for nothing relatives of the Saxena brothers were introduced in the show.. I feel like laughing on the ppl who are still watching the show...and who started watching the show b'cos of this Geralu track.. both the PH and channel ppl are out of their minds for dragging this garelu track.. you guys are sick.. you really don't have any sense or experience of writing serial stories that is why you are copying Ekta's style... Baloney

  25. To da ones concerned.

    I wud really like to READ atleast one comment saying we love this track. until then, understand da suggestions of your audience
    Discontinue this track.
    Its pathetically annoying storyline to view daily n insulting to our viewer minds.
    For a show who did an awesome job of attracting da youth in its initial days, its taking in a lot of flak right now, for wot you think is increasing TRP.

    an avid viewer of'
    Love Ne Milla Di Jodi.

  26. To PH and Channel,

    I am highly disappointed with these news!! I can't bear to watch any longer if this track continues!! Please the best part about this show was that it was different from the typical saas bahu and scheming stuff and now you guys are going down the same lane! Please you have so much more scope for stories revolving around the three jodis, don't ruin your show any further by continuing this lame track!! I am sure you don't want to lose audiences so please listen to us, in a effort to increase TRPs i think you all only going to decrease them! Please end this trackk asap!!!

  27. To the Channel and the PH
    Thank you for making me watch an Indian serial for the first time. The storyline, its execution, the production values, family values were all par excellence. I loved this show (note the use of the past tense here).

    Then you introduced the "gharelu" track with 3 rural terrorists. Their antics are beyond disgusting......stealing another's husband.....lusting after another's wife.....plotting for no rhyme or reason....what on reason....just never ending garbage.

    I was willing to give you guys a chance but when you showed Munna's pervert crossed the could you .....there are kids watching this show that are now traumatized thanks to you (I am not making this up...this is true) going girls are scared out of their minds..... you have proved that YOU ARE NOT A RESPONSIBLE CHANNEL WITH A SOCIAL CONSCIENCE.....if you were you would never have shown such scenes that make an impression on young minds.

    You are in grave danger of losing your core audience.....that audience that has stuck to you through thick and thin....we have reached the end of the line....we are hanging on by a thread.....have been since the beginning of this track. We are the ones loyal to you ....but looks like you don't care about what we are more interested in pandering to the newer audience out there which could jump ship anytime....if you think they will be loyal....please..... think again.

    In an effort to get TRPs you are shooting yourself in the foot....destroying the credibility you had......I am considering quitting the show.....several of my friends have already quit.

    It is not all bad.....there still is a chance...end this track....if you need ideas.....check out IF.....there are some brilliant ideas there. If you want to keep your loyal audience please end this track ASAP like yesterday.....else you will be left high and dry.

    I believe in telling it like it is. I have sugar coated the truth many times.....but someone has to hold up a mirror.....and I have volunteered to be that person. This is the truth....the whole truth....and nothing but the truth....we hate this track and want it to end ASAP....else you will not have any loyal fans left. We were all going to give it until the end of the month and quit if it goes beyond that. So I guess quitting is our only option now unless you decide to change tracks. Until then so long....

  28. One more thing....I fail to understand why you had to go this route.....could you not have turned this into a rib-tickling comedy....the country bumpkins trying to learn the ways of a city....or even trying to scheme but all their schemes backfire on them terribly....leading to really funny situations....that would have garnered new audiences as well as kept your old audience happy. That would have been the way to go and you would have received kudos all around. You can still go that route if you show that Ila's ghost comes back to foil the evil three's plans and they don't know about the ghost...the ghost foils all their plans in a comedic way. Please change this horrible, terrible and abominable track immediately.

  29. The gharelu track is disgusting. Please end it asap.

    Please give us back our good old show.

    i am happy that the trp's have gone up....but please not this absolute rubbish way!!...we want the flavour of the urbane lnmdj we love!!!

  31. I fail to understand how can such lowlife perverted and disgusting scumbugs can garner trps ? Do the new audience like to watch such filth ? Its beyond my understanding really ....

    All I can say is that this "gharelu" thingy is absolutely PATHETIC .. Plz end this asap ... I only watch LNMDJ for Gaucha & Prida ... I skip over the gharelu scenes ... So plz save all loyal LNMDJians from this torture or else .......

  32. thank you TT for the info. I'm very upsets upon hearing the news and their is no need off to drag this track any longer.Can't Creative team come up with anything original either then showing 3 low life and 1 is lower then low. So please end this track soon, come up with better track and TRP's will increase

  33. What the hell. I bet they will loose the viewership now By giving this article

  34. Please end this Track plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  35. Omg the gharelu track is going to continue? No, I can't stand this track, it's awful! Please end it soon.

    A lot of us use to completly love the show but nowdays it's almost unbearable.

  36. Hello TT

    Please end this gharelu track ASAP. this series is not about perverts and killers. This new track is disgusting to the core. It is a BIG turn OFF and I am sure losing out audience is not what you want.

    Bring back the fun on LNMDJ. Let circumstances be the antagonists not these disgusting lowlife perverts and killers.

    I love this serial too much and hate to see it going down the drain literally.

    End this worthless track please. Give me my old LNMDJ back..

    why do you do promotions to promote this show instead???

  37. Star One & PH

    The only reason TRPs r up is becoz u have had decent PriDa, SaVni, and VaRosh scenes of late. Its gotta NADA to do wit the 3 Pervs ki Ghotala Track! And even our Love for dis Jodis won't get us to appreciate this track at the rate its progressing. Leave Peodphilia n SaasBahu Nautanki to Colors n StarPlus. Give us bak the Youth Oriented Star One we ADORE.


  38. To Star one and PH,
    Finish this track by next week or else I'll finish the show by not watching it.

  39. I guess ive heard that my best show in this universe Love ne is going off air by two the moment im deeply hurt and shocked..and jsut want to say this..

    I am not taking this at all!..this was the best show for me and i cant beleive it... We need answers! the hell can the creatives jsut end this how like that?..i mean its been the BEST since it started and trps were laso increasing!...then y did they do this?..i cant believe im crying..i love my LNMDJ...that was the only happiness in my life in a hectic and boring day:( trully hurt by this...What is this?..It cant end?!..

    Please CVS end this track or od something else!..but dont end it!..If this doesnt happen i promise never to watch Star One ever again..This cant be true!..