Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kya Toot Jayega Bandhan?

Kya Toot Jayega Bandhan??

Pyar ka Bandhan is going through a very emotional track at the moment. Suhani and Aaraina met with a very tragic accident where unfortunately, Suhani lost her life. Aaraina who was also involved in the accident has been severly injured and is in dire need of blood. When all hopes of getting blood for Aaraina fails as it is very rare group, Prateeksha decided to give her kidney to save Aaraina. Prateeksha and Aaraina are still unaware of the fact that they are sisters. On the other hand, the brothers , Aziz and Milind, do not know they are siblings. In the hospital where Prateeksha is giving kidney to Aaraina, Milind and Aziz discuss the fact that they both feel an unknown bond towards the sisters.

It is amazing to see how these four individuals keep bumping into each other and helping each other without realizing that they are blood related. The question is that will they come to know this reality or not?

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  1. I THINK THEY WILL . AZIz KNOWS PRATISKSHA IS HIS SISTER . and arainas dad knows pratikshaa is arainas elder sister . they will eventually find out . i hope soon