Monday, January 18, 2010

How Will the Truth Come Out?

How will the truth come out?

In Love Ne Mila Di Jodi Rani was unsuccessful in giving poison to Avni but did manage to harm the very sweet and bubbly Roshni. The sisters do suspect that mausi, munna, and rani had a hand in this but the boys dont believe them. Damini also tried to prove that what she thinks is correct but she couldnt succeed either.

How do you think truth will come out?

Reporter: Surabhi S


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  1. At this point rather than how, my main question is when? I am growing weary of this track. Damini's constant apologizing and Prithvi's inability to believe her are grating on my nerves. The only good thing is Varni bonding is going great. I want the truth out and I want the intuders out of GM. How should the truth come out - well maybe they could be caught in the act doing something nasty by Prithvi or Sameer.

  2. I dont understand whats going on, why are they extending the Mausi- Munna- Rani track & why is Damini , a self made woman apologizing every now & then to thes 3? We always loved the originality of the show , why are they trying to convert it into a typical saas-bahu show? In other words I m not liking this new track, we want our original storyline back!

  3. I am with Jhan on this.. when will the truth be out.. this is a very grating on the nerves track...
    i will really love the track to end soon when Prithvi smashes the toona character and personally ships all of them to timbaktu...

  4. I am completely agree with Jhan.. i dont care how it comes out.. what matters is that how QUICKLY it comes out..! this show is turning BTish day by day..! Damini please stop apologizing and prithvi please dont turn into one of the spineless BT husbands! believe your wife.. you have been with her everytime..! show us that you ae still the prithvi saxena we all fell in love with..! please dont destroy prida CVs.. end this track as soon as possible.. and concentrate on the bondin b/w the couples.. frankly i think prida are the only ones who are being very much neglected...! please give us moe prida scenes..!

    and TT can you get us another interview of gaurav and chandana? PLEASE!

  5. Ditto to Jhaan's radsy's and maham's replies!

    I don't care how.....all i want to know is how long till the weirdos are exposed and kicked outta GM!

    Don't get me wrong here....but I personally don't like the new additions at all! All them are overacting each time! They are so much so that I just want to shut my computer and never watch the show ever again!
    But i watch it for Prida and for happy hopes of getting the original LNMDJ flavor back soon......but these new additions are the worst thing ever that happened to the show!

    Just get them out of the show ASAP!

    No offences to anyone! Just expressing my exasperation at the major irritants on the face of Telly world!

  6. agree wth all u dears ..... jus want them out asap ! i want ol' LNMDJ bk ! no gharelu track plzzzzzzz!! brng on sm1 mre sophisticated like Ila aunties frens son 4m US or watevr 2 tk the track 4wrd v can get 2 see a J pri n all.. bt plzzzzzz get rid of PTC !! v want stylish LNMDJ ..not a paan thuking , whining n scheming villians PLzzzz!

    no offence meant 2 any actors here... its jus dat no1 prefers those FICTIONAL CHARACTERS...

  7. i really want damini find the truth out with proof and expose them infront of the 3 brothers so they get to know what there so called cousins mausi munna n rani did!! and kick them out the house and sent them to prison where they actually deserve to be! i dnt understand why the hell did damini apologise to them idiots. agghhh please just get these jokers out my favourte show, they ruining it and cause of them i dnt get to see nice romantic scenes between the 3 couples!


  8. I agree with everyone at this point of time i dont care how the truth comes out .I just want PTC out of GM right now!!!

  9. Everybody wants mausi, munna, rani to leave GM but now apparently it looks like everybody is going to be out of GM due to bankruptcy. Creatives need to come up with something more creative. I want more PriDa scenes. Thanks TT for this article.

  10. its high time dy change dis track.....d shw hs startd losing it....

  11. Please, it does not make any sense that Prithvi with his back ground of security head, let the poisoning issue
    go without solving who did it.
    I bet Varun would investigate and find the truth out if he was really smart.
    Damini who once ran the office cant be that weak!
    Mausi/munna/rani are disgusting actors
    sooner the go the better.

  12. Brothers should know better what kind of relatives they have.
    Great actors and do nothing sister as a Mausi
    If they are true to their characters they should solve poisoning issue really soon.

  13. What kind of Aunt is that mausi she cant see the love between Prithvi and Damini
    She is worse than 19th century villanous mother in law
    Sulabha Arya need to go with her fit for nothing kids!

  14. Great post. Anticipating the next.