Saturday, December 12, 2009

Episode 22nd

Epi 22nd - Karan Perneet, Shweta Gulati. Treat for LNMDJ fan in part 6......

Karan Perneet Interview start from part 3.

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part 2

part 3

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  1. wats dis .i cant c nething

  2. Thanks, TT for the KAran-Perneet interview! It was enjoyable. Thanks for consistently giving us LNMDJ interviews. We are very thankful for it!

  3. Thanks tt
    Made my day
    Oh kt-pc u guys r awesome

  4. thanx TT fr dis superb interview...its long n gud interview......

  5. OMG..................OMG......................OMG..................


    FINALLY WE GOT IT...................AND IT WAS FANTABULOUS..................


  6. just loveeeeee them !! thank you TT

  7. OMG this is heaven sent! I'm been waiting for a proper interview of Karant-Perneet for soooo long. SaVni are awesome!!!

    Thanks so so so much for connecting us to them TT! You guys rock and please keep up the fab job!

    Now must run to watch the vids and will comment further after seeing it.

  8. Okay so back with comments after watching it over and over again with so much glee!

    PaRan are too amazing to describe; their rapport with each other and easy going natures were such a treat to watch.

    Finally got a glimpse of Karan-Perneet's off screen chemistry and totally adore their cute friendship; Karan the charmer and Perneet the sweetheart but both are very grounded individuals with immense talent.

    As newcomers they have won over the hearts of so many and managed to shine through and be noticed from such a strong ensemble cast, to the point that they are the sole reason i watch the show!!! Wish them all the success in life.

    Also, Simran is so cool! Not what i expected since she is very different from her onscreen character. More mature than Roshni yet still just as bindaas!!

  9. OMG! They r so cool!…..they r soooo friendly with each other…..doin masti….nd Perneet as Kajol…”Hamara Ghar, Hamare Sangskar” ….hilarious…Chandni Chawk!.....too good…Perneet is so cool….Karan with Dish TV add as SRK…..loved it too!.... I love them even more offscreen !....Karan and Perneet both rockz…..
    Thnx a lot TT…u made my day….u guys r d best!

  10. Rocking jodi- great comfort level and great masti, their imitations were so funny! Perneet is his 'guy buddy' or 'chandni chawk' as he prefers to call her! lol. All the jokes back and forth show they have a great bond and may it always be that way.

    Best bit was when Karan joked that Perneet cannot live without him and Perneet said it better be vice versa!!

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  12. omg!!!...was waiting 4 ds so long!! interview i've ever seen....both perneet n karan are so adorable,sweet n real!!...loved da interview...thnx tellytadka for making my day...hope we get to see more of dem!! ya karan n perneet...SaVni Rocks!!...muaah!!

  13. Dear Telly Tadka,

    Firstly would like to thank all of your team: Munzina, Aavni, Ruchi Rakesh (that's the names I have heard from your team so far):)

    You guys have made my day, thank sooooo much for interviewing Karan & Perneet...they are awesome and I love them more now :) loved their chemistry oh gosh both of them are just *faints*

    Also thank you soooo much for asking my questions to them, and for also conveying my message to them :) I am so touched and at the same time thankful

    Also...thank you for interviewing Simran..aaww she is a her smile....


    With all my best wishes,


  14. Thank you TT

    For the LNMDJ segments!!

    Apperciate it a lot it was great to get to know KT, PC and Simran!!

  15. What an awesome interview. Loved them both(Perneet and Karan). They are so genuine, and they are having so much fun with each other.
    Also loved Simran. She's such a sweetheart, her smile is totally infectious.
    Wish them all the very best, they're fantastic actors.

    Can't thank you enough TT for all these LNMDJ segments. You guys totally rock. Keep 'em coming and keep up the good work. Thanks!!!

  16. OMG!! Thank you soo much for the Karan-Perneet and Simran interview TT! They rock!

    Hope to see more of the LNMDJ cast!

  17. Hi TT,

    Thanks a lot for the interview with Shweta. It was excellent. We now know her a bit better and also know what to expect from DMG. But really excited about her new show. Surely will be watching it, just for her. Thanks once again for getting my message across to Shweta. Looking forward to a lot of such interactions with TT and stars like Shweta in future.

  18. TT - u only read a few questions - why do u waste our time in askin questions - u only read bout 2 peoples questions.
    dis is not fair!

  19. Thanks TT for the interview...KT and PC are just killer dude...i mean i just love them even more offscreen! Such rocking personalities and great sense of humours they both have...dil chahe more...want to see more of them so cannot wait for them to start blogging, fingers crossed they have time to do some video messages as well.
    KT+PC= Awesomeness

  20. Thanks TT...u guys have made my day!!!!!Karan-perneet are made for each other
    They have always sizzled onscreen and i'm so haapy to know that they are so comfortable wid each other offscreen as well

  21. Aww....i'm in love wid this couple....Savni rocksssss and so do karan and perneet...God bless them!!!!

    Thanks Teely's really a gr8 treat for lnmdj fans

  22. Thank u so so so much telly tadka...Karan & perneet surely seems to have a blast on the's gr8 to knoe that they have such comfort level ofscreen
    Love the way karan is trying to pull her legs all the time....

  23. Wohooo thanks TellyTadka for bringing us closer to Paran/Savni. They are such a good looking couple and so full of masti and life. Karan cracked me up so much when he said he felt violated after the Fanaa good yaar! Savni4eva...both genuinely do complete justice to their roles and no one could have played it better!! :)

  24. Karan and Perneet are the perfect jodi. They are as hot as fire onscreen and as cool as ice offscreen. Totally fida over them, my favourite jodi from LNMDJ. Every time i re-watch the interview it makes me smile, their answers were fab!

    Thx a billion TT for all the LNMDJ segments and keep them coming.

  25. Wow i didn't know Karan
    was in Haule Haule.
    I went and checked it out
    and he is so cute dancing
    as one of the extras in the
    pseudo movie SRK watches at the cinema.
    Karan and Perneet are like the SRK-Kajol of the small screen,
    their impressions were great.
    Crazy in love with this jodi.
    Thanks so much TT!

  26. I'm so gratefull to y one can imagine how happy i am today seeing my favourite couple offscreen...
    Luv ya karan-perneet...paran\savni are the best!!!!

  27. Thankooooooooooo Sooooooooooooooooooooo Much TT! You cant even imagine how much this means to me and all the other fans who you have mentioned in the interview. If it wasnt for TT, Karan-Perneet would never have knows the names of their crazy fans, but you all made this possible. I am from London and so that in itself makes it impossible for me to ever contact Karan-Perneet personally or for them to know about my existence, but you all made this possible!. Thankoooooooooooooo from the bottom of my heart and i will always be thankful to you all!

    I watched it last night and the whole night i couldnt sleep! My goddddddddddddddddddd! And rite now im smiling like a pagal ladki who needs a psychiatrist asap *HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP*!

    Whilst i could not sleep i make a new name for Karan-Perneet...And its Karneet! I hope you both like it!

    1. Karneet are one of the best jodis off-screen i have ever seen and im out of words right now to describe how amazing they were!

    2. This was one of the most funniest, entertaining and real interviews i have ever seen where ever split second was bliss!

    3. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! If anyone was wondering who 'HINAL' is? Then its me!OMGSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I cant beleive that the TT interviewee said everything i wrote to them and asked 5 of my questions. ANDDDDDD Karan even said my name thrice! OMGSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..*FAINTS*..He said Hi to me and so did Perneet!

  28. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..More than that im so happy that all the way through i could see Karneet smiling at my message and i was able to see Karan's dimple all the way long!I LOVED how shy Karan got when my message was being read to him! Awwwwwwww loved his face when that ‘shirtless scenes’ bit came up hehehehehe couldnt stop blushing.

    After that when Karan and Perneet said thank you and everything i could just see how much my message meant to them. And when Karan said my name for the third time i really fainted hehe. My name being said by Karan is trully one of the most dearest moments of my life!Thankoooooooooooo Karan and TT once again!

    Awwwwwwwwwwww i couldnt stop laughing when my first question got asked! Even though im sure Perneet tumne sach nahin bola!Lekin theekh hai. Perneet how can u just think Karan was friendly? I mean he is perfect! But i trust Karan when he said such cute things about Perneet.

    I knew the answers for the second question because Perneet is the best Avni and No one in this world could be better than Karan for Sameer. But im soooooooooooooooooo happy that we found out that Karan did not play Varun as he matched Sameer perfectly and he knew it and so do we!

    Areeeeeeeeee how can Karan be single? I mean i asked this question because i cant beleive such a hot guy can be single *still cannot* But i believe him if he says so, and now im dieing to hear about his link-up with someone hehe.

    Im so happy that my fourth question was answered because it just made me love my Karneet to the extremes of love! Both of them are trully down-to-earth people who have created their own nisches in such a short span of time, what is more cute is that im DEAD sure they have no idea how much we love them as Savni and how popular they are around the globe! Then again words are never enough to describe Perfect People and tell them how good they are! And i will always pray for their success. May they reach the skies of success and acheive all that they want!

    The whole icing on the cake was my last question! My god Im soooooooooooooo sorry my Karneet for asking you both 5 things u could not live without..haha..LOVED the way Karan said ‘Her top priority will be me’. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww dat was toooooooooo cute yaar! Wowww Perneet we never knew u believe in Angels.I mean dats damn cool. LOL could not stop laughing when Karan said ‘Perneets in black magic’ haha. Awwwwwwww poor Karan is always late and Perneets always on time? Guess you need to steal Perneet’s watch Karan! OMGSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I love food too and cant live without my dabbas of food haha. We could definitely have a punjabi lunch one day when you come down to London (and i promise to cook paneer etc for us both)!

    I am literally hanging in between earth and heaven Haiiiiiiiiii. I am toooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to believe it! This surely made my whole month so beautiful! Infact my whole year so much better!

    Thankoooooooooo TT once again and my Gawjus Karneet for giving us this special interview!

    Savni are the BEST Jodi on Television NO DOUBTS. But now im rethinking about that. Sorry to say..

    But now i think Karneet is the Best Jodi Off-screen! LOVE you both forever and ever!

    Loads of Love and Best Wishes!

    From your Biggest fan in this whole universe


    X X X

  29. teletadka you really rock, that really made my day.....i dunno how many times i watched the was so out of the world...i was only a fan of now i am their craziest fan....this was really the best interview....loved all the questions and the answers....plz teletadka...come up with more interviews like this...we'll never get enough of these interviews....appreciate your hard work...u guys are dng a great job

  30. Thank you so much TT....i have been waiting so long for this
    Savni are so adourable.....made for each other

    Please do give us more such interviews!!!!

    Again thank you TT

  31. Can't get enough of these two.....When they come onscreen.....there is some kind of magic!!!!
    Karan-perneet....what can i say about u guys???i just love you as a couple onscreen(wish u were together offscreen as well)

    Thanks Telly Tadka for taking our requests into consideration

  32. karneet is fab.......want more of them.y is karan younger dan her....its all his dere is a mutual likin nd caring for each oder........whic is kinda fishy..hehehe....dey r all smiles. hmmmmmm i just wish dey were a couple offscreen 2

  33. Dear Telly Tadka,

    I just cant stop thanking you guys...seriously guys my fingers are shaking whilst typing this message but just wanna thank you sooo much and for asking them my questions and conveying them my message :)

    SaVni totally are super-smashing and this interview made my love them more :)

    Oh wow Karan said that Perneet's top priority would be him and Ruchi love you yaar you said and vice versa that was so cool to see you do that and Perneet was like yeah yeah...thank you guys

    I cannot express my gratitude to you guys, Muzina, Aavni, Ruchi and Rakesh and all of your other team members :)

    Best Wishes,


  34. Thanks for having their interview, they are hilarous!

  35. Thank you telly tadka...i'm so grateful to you guys for this smashing interview...

    I cannot express my happines in now i must have watched this interview 20 times...every time i see face literally glows up....there is something about this couple that makes them the best and my favourite...i mean i have never been crazy about any other television jodi like this

    Can't get enough of these two...
    Love SAVNI...they are definitely the best...

    Thanks once again TT...hope you guys come up with more such interview of karneet

  36. Hey Telly Tadka...thanks a lot...karan and perneet's interview is indeed a treat to watch...they are so comfortable with each the way karan is pulling her legs all the time

  37. I'm in savni dreamworld....ever since i watched this video...i have not thought of anything else other than SAVNI...Love karan and perneet as savni and i really do hope that they are couple in real life too...God Bless Them

  38. Savni are just i love them more offscreen

  39. Thanka a millon times TT....i was waiting to see karan and perneet's interview ever since the show started...i watch lnmdj only for them...
    It's my birthday today and this is best gift i could ever ask for!!!

  40. Sameer and avni....what do i say about u two???MINDBLOWING....u guys are superb onscreen and i'm so so happy that you have such a gr8 comfort level offscreen too!!!!!

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  42. Sorry to all the fans, whoz question havent asked by our reporter. We sent all your questions, and messages, will definetely find out the reason. Thanks for trusting TT, and posted your precious questions for your favorite actors.

  43. Thank you sooooooo much TT! The interview was very entertaining nonetheless because Karneet (as they have been branded, which i must say is really a perfect name for them) made it so hilarious. Karan and Perneet were so humble and real. They really deserve to be called the best jodi on TV!! May they be blessed with tons of success and may their friendship stay strong for life.

  44. The comment about GauCha being the best is a little unfair as one cannot compare the two jodis since:
    a) they are senior actors with more experience
    b) they need to be good as the prescribed leads

    Yet, with all that in mind, one is entitled to their opinion BUT the fact that Karneet as newcomers have attracted the same amount of attention and appreciation as G-C indicates that they are truly remarkable because they have matched up to their years of experience.

    Also, i know i sound biased but i would like to add that i adore GauCha too, and there is no doubt they are highly talented.

  45. Awwww that was the sweetest, cutest, funniest interview ever. They are a fabulous couple, both so chilled out. I have this new found adoration for them because now when i watch their scenes i know why they are always so great, its their offscreen friendship which makes them so special! Rock on Savni!!!



  48. Thanks TT for shweta's interview loved it :) U ppl rock .

  49. I have never watched a single episode of LNMDJ, but the interview with the lead actors looked awesome. Nice chemistry and understanding. keep it up TT.
    Nice job munni, Avani and others.
    Nice vms too.
    I will definitely hook up with TT episodes now!!

  50. SaVni all the way SaVni are the BEST :)

  51. Yup...savni are definitely the best!!!!

  52. Thank you TT SaVni are truly the best Awesome couple they seem so real :) thanks alot

  53. THANX so much TT.I hav watched the savni interview moe than 10 times .....both karan n perneet r awesome.I LOVE KARAN N PERNEET ONSCREEN AS WELL AS OFF SCREEN CHEMISTRY.they both rockkkkkkkkk

  54. savni r the bessst ....nd wil alwayz b the best......m truly in luv with their chemistry..

  55. wat did karan said after saying''perneet is my guy buddy.she is telling u"i cud not hear it.........plz tt or any1 help me out wid dis plzz

  56. Thanks's like a dream come true to watch my favouite jodi offscreen

  57. Thase two are so so amazing....their chemistry is magical both offscreen and onscreen...Savni are made for each other...simply the best!!!!

  58. Thanks the whole TT team...Savni interview was sooo great...they are a hot couple, totally made for each other..all their scenes are magical.

    If Perneet reads this then wanna say loving your work but please don't cover your face with your hand so much when emoting distress or shock as it distracts from the overall expression. Its funny because its only the past week i noticed this started happening, before your emotions were flawless- as emoting via the eyes.

  59. are too cool for words...gorgeous pair...and they both just enhance each other's performance, their scenes together are perfection! Karan and Perneet have been so impressive from day one...Karan's recent emotional scenes have brought out his best as he was already strong in comedy and romance...Perneet's forte is emotional scenes because she does each scene with conviction. She rocks!

  60. SaVni Make my day I watch love ne milla di jodi for them ONLY...!!

    Love KarNeet and SaVni :)

    And Thanks TT for bringing us their interview :) u guys rock man!!

  61. My godddddd..i have watched this interview atleast 100000 times by now but still cant get over god my Karneet are just toooooooooooo gorgeous for words!..Love them to death and love them as Savni!..They are my bestest jodi in this whole wide world:D..Thankoooooo soooooo much TT once again!..