Wednesday, November 25, 2009

PriDa Contest

To Our loyal audience,

We have started a contest for you all. We will post the pictures below, and all you have to do is write a caption for what the actors or Characters are thinking. We will have one lucky winner..and the surprise will be something they will surely love. Please post the all entries here, but for some reason if you couldnt post then you could email us at

For any question you could email as well or ask here on the post.


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  1. pic 1 :
    pri - never noticed b4...i gt 2 c more closely 2 mk out ur pimples

    pic 2 :
    dam- ab to mera haath chhod do..itni bhi sundar nahi hoon main

    pic 3 :
    pri (2 himself): oh no, she always takes d 2day even i'll share sum screen space

    pic 4:
    pri : hey gal, wt r u lukin at ? i knw i'm hot !

    pic 5 :
    pri : luk wt dey did 2 me ? i askd dem nt 2 make me wear indian outfits...

  2. PIC 1:
    Prithvi : " Hmmm.. Wndr wat perfume she is using ??!! Wil gift it 2 my GF 2 imprez her !!"
    damni :" nice color shirt… I shud get a top in the same color.." ;)

    PIC 2:
    Prithvi : "wat will happen if I drop her nw ??!! Shall I try n c ?!!"
    Damini: " gosh ! He wont even let me wipe of the extra powder 4m his face !!" ;)

    PIC 3 : GK n CS seperately : " hey im lukn more better than u ..!! So can u jus move off n givemme sm space??!!" ;D

    PIC 4: GK : " ummm… wats dat ?? Theres smthing kept here ?? Its lukn like sm1 left smdng n went... errr…umm..luks like chocolate… !!!wow.. Luks yummy..!! Wndr hw it tastes..??? Shall I take it ??!!" ;D

    PIC 5 : GK : "plzzz smbdy save me !!!!!!!!1 this dress is toooo tight dats its choking me !!!!!!! " Hehehee!!

  3. When are the results declared?

  4. Deadline for this contest is Dec 5th.
    Results will be decided by December 12th.

  5. Pic 1

    Damini: Chodo mujhe...U're hurting me Bodyguard kahin ke..
    Prithvi: Bodyguard nahi ab toh aap ke Dil ka Chor hoon...Damini Ma'am..!!

    Pic 2

    Prithvi: Change matt kijiye...dress fultoo bindaas lag rahi hai aap pe Damini Ma'am.

    Pic 3

    Chandana: Acha pose maarna warna photo kharaab aayegi Gaurav...!!

    Pic 4

    Gaurav: Aye beedu...akka Mumbai mein ek icch hot dude hai...Bole Toh...Khanna GAURAV Khanna...samjhe kya?

    Pic 5

    Gaurav: Camera wale bhai...Photo leh hi rahe ho toh yeh bhi bata doh...Chadana shaadi ke liye haan toh kahegi na?

  6. wen will the results be announced?? :$ 12th dec has already gone by :D