Saturday, October 17, 2009

Episode 14th - Rati Pandey Exclusive Interview

Happy Diwali to all our viewers, today we present to you all our fresh new episode where the smart, talented, beautiful, sensational Rati Pandey who came on TellyTadka.

Check out the wonderful episode.


  1. Rati's interview was simply fabulous! Loved each and ever bit of it!!

    Loved the way she sang..her voice is just so beautiful & melodius!

    I love you Rati, your chemistry with Arjun is rockingg! u and Arjun are my two favourites on television, and im just crazy about MayUr and Arjun-Rati!
    Love you two soo much!!!!

    Keep rocking and i WANT TO SEE an interview on Arjun & rati together!! really miss watching them together!!

    Love always

  2. First of all congratulations Telly Tadkha awesome job....

    Ms Rati...If you ever choose to be a singer, you have an awesome talent..keep it up and god bless..
    You asked in your interview to give are an awesome actress and you don't need lessons from me but...If you could relax your shoulders a bit and use more hand gestures you would be awesome...Most of your scenes have potential but never are given a chance for depth(not your fault) Nupur is nautanki...

    Pardon me if I crossed the line

    Keep rocking....

  3. Hi its me monika .. its awesome inter she is so sweet and nice . thanks a lot telly team you guys are doing mind blowing job.

  4. hey senny here finally i got the way how to comment, i know i am wayyyyyyyy late.

    guys awesome work with the rati interview, hope to have many of her interviews.

    miss arjun and rati's interviews together man.

    keep up the good work.

  5. rati is really a good singer..she sung another song on independence day i think..quite an impressing voice